Saturday, 23 April 2016

Stormcast Eternals and Making your own slate chipping bases

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let you know I've still been getting on with hobby stuff; I've just not made any significant progress on any one thing that I thought was worth blogging about. Just a lot of little things here and there.

I've had the Age of Sigmar starter box since it's release and decided to start constructing the miniatures. I've got all the Stormcast Eternals constructed now and I was using slate chippings to base them all.

Stormcast eternals bases slate

Slate chippings make excellent rocky outcroppings and bases in miniature scale. As I was putting together the miniatures I realised that I was running short of slate in my basing materials, so I thought  this was a great "two birds, one stone" situation

 I've made some more to replenish my stock and written a step-by-step HERE in my slowly growing and updating Tips and Tutorials section on the blog.

I'll be expanding that section as I re-write some old tutorials and add new ones later. I'm possibly going to get around to posting some sculpting tips there too which I was asked about some time ago but never got around to.

I've got a few small things on the go and I'll be back when some of them have got to the point I think they are worth posting about.

So until then, take care.

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