Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ork Week - Day 05/06

Hey everyone, I'm still on my original target to finish the Shokk Attakk Unit by the end of Day 07.
Just had a big speed bump with  the family emergency I mentioned before, so for the last couple of days I got some more stripping and a bit of painting in while I could.

Here are the fruits of my stripping labour:

Day 05/06:
More stripping:

I've now finished all the stripping of my classic Orks that I currently have.
I do still have a few bits and bobs to arrive but that's prety much it.

A small Kult of Speed, 5 Warbikes, 1 Nobz Bike and 2 Wartrakks.
I'm considering these as high on the list to add to the Warband I'm working on.

More Snakebites!?! Guess I'll be having a fair amount of them added at some point.

Ork Dreadnought. Looking forward to getting started on this.

There's Shokk Attakk Mek #4, another Mekboy
and a small unit of Freebooterz I was surprised that I'd collected together.

And finally a couple more Minderz (just realised I don't actually have a single Weirdboy!?!),
some more Madboyz and a few more Runtz.

I'm still sat painting right now, just wanted to post up what I'd been up to. My Day 07 Post will either be up tonight or tomorrow depending on the vagaries of fate.

Well, gonna get back to the hairy sticks.

Take care,


Friday, 28 March 2014

Ork Week - Day 03/04

Hello again folks, this is going to be quite a short one. we had a bit of a family emergency to deal with yesterday and today so I didn't have much free time.

I managed to get a little work done though... Oh well, a small amount of progress is still progress I suppose.

Day 03/04:

I decided to go with a Plasma gun for the Runtherd for a handful of reasons:

1 - Runtherdz have special weapons available to them in the 2nd ed Codex.
2 - A plasma gun gives a decent amount of high strength fire if anything gets close to the unit.
3 - I had a load of them lying around.

I think the Plasma gun goes well with the pose of the miniature.

I added a strap using a thin strip of Green-stuff folding it at both ends and
glueing two beads from a water filter on to look like rivets holding it in place.

So now he's undercoated and sat by the Mekboy ready to paint.
At least the main colour is done, being the Goff clan and all ;)

Told you it'd be a short one. I'll get back to the painting tomorrow. I'll be happy even if I only get this one unit done this week.
But I do have plans for adding something else that kind of ties to this unit, but we shall wait and see.

On that note. Take care everyone,

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ork Week - Day 02

Hi everybody, I'm uploading yesterdays work. I'm probably going to stick to this format
of uploading the previous days' work, it just seems to be happening that way anyway.

So, without further ado...

Day 02:

First things first, the figures that went back into strip from Day 01:

Some more power armoured Orks, the 3 Shokk Attakk Meks, Mekboy with Kustom Shoota, various Ork Boyz and more Snakebites. I have more Snakebites than I realised, I may have to find a place for them in this force :)

I had a couple of parcels arrive from Ebay, the figures from which are in stripping now.

I decided that since I had gotten so excited about the Shokk Attakk Gunz that I would start with that to kick things off. (an aside... A mixed lot from Ebay arrive today... There's a 4th Shokk Attakk Gun... Seriously, I don't have a problem... Probably not going to need them all.)

Shokk Attakk Gun Mekboy:

So to start, I wanted to personalise the Mek a little, so I used Green-stuff to add a new chin, a nose ring and some ear-rings. Goffs don't go in for all that warpaint lark that other clans do, but they do love their piercings :) .

The plastic arms from 2nd ed look a bit weedy on this model compared to the right arm cast on the miniature so I decided to sculpt an arm at rest on his hip.

I did have trouble with the fingers though, so after a half hour of effing and blinding I just cut the fingers from a hand from a modern Ork plastic carving away much of the hand. I sculpted the thumb and palm and blended the fingers in with Green-stuff and liquid Green-stuff to hide the join.

I then sculpted a simple shoulder pad to blend the arm into the figure, it looked a little strange left bare.

I used a very small amount of Green-stuff to just add a little definition to the right arm.

Once cured, the Mek and gun were undercoated and await some paint.

The Snotlings:

I was also putting paint to the Snotling swarms between sculpting steps on the Mek.

With figures this small I decided to attach them to strips of wood to make sure I could get to all the details.

Once I had done all the main stages I needed to they were carefully removed from the strips.

And here is a picture of them on their 40mm bases, They still need the final touch ups (metals etc) and the bases and 'shrooms need to be painted once the texture is dry.

The mushrooms on the bases were made from any bits of Green-stuff I have left at the end of a sculpting session just attached to a little piece of wire, waste not want not. I'm happy with the way the snots are turning out.


The last member of this unit... I'm still not sure how I'm tackling this figure to be honest...

I carved one of the 2nd ed plastic arms to look bare like the arm cast on the figure.
At this moment I can't think of what weaponry to arm him with.

That's it for Day 02, I'll keep muddling away at these figures
and organise what I'm going to work on next.

I'm considering creating back banners for each of the Oddboyz,
but I'm not quite decided upon that yet

Take care everybody,


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ork Week - Day 01

Just a quick note about the post title, today is actually Day 02. But yesterday I was having problems uploading the images...
What does this mean?       Hopefully Day 02's post will go up tonight :)

So, first a little background (I'm gonna keep this as short as I can):
I first discovered the Warhammer hobby around '89 when Rogue Trader was still kicking about, but I didn't start collecting my own miniatures to build an army until just before the release of Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition.

I was so excited by the background and imagery of the Rogue Trader Space Orks they became my first army and first love in 40k. I especially loved the characterful art work of Paul Bonner, it's how I still like to imagine Orks even today.

As with many things, as I grew older, my hobby life waxed and waned and most of my original Ork army was either lost, traded or given away.

Recently I started to rummage through my collection of bits and I made a few purchases here and there on Ebay. Just getting together some Rogue Trader and 2nd edition Ork figures. There was no plan to it, I was just going to paint them "someday".

Well "someday" is here, over the last couple of days I had this happened:

Over at The Lead Pile, Whiskey Priest posted a great little article with several points about why Orks are fun to play. Well my Nostalgia gland was well and truly tickled.

Ant then the very next morn I came across an article from another blog I follow Oldhammer on a Budget.
Where the resident blog writer ChicoDaSatanic wrote that he had not painted any 40k figures for a while, so he declared this week Ork Week and issued an open challenge to his readers to join in.

Well... How could I not :)

So this week I'm joining in Ork Week, I'm stripping and painting some good old classic Orky figures just for the joy of it and to see if this burst of creativity can snowball and keep me going on to other projects when the week is over. They both happen to be doing the Blood-Axe Ork clan, I'll probably be steering heavily toward my favourite clan the Goffs. :)

Ork Week - Day 01:

Today (yesterday) was mostly gathering all the pieces I could find around my hobby collection and getting them stripped ready for the challenge.
Here's what I ended up with after a 5 hour bout scrubbing (well I took cig breaks and ate dinner, but it was quite a slog):

Quite a fair bit done, but some had to go back to strip because the paint was old and tenacious.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting stuck into those Goffik Rokkerz :)

As you can see there's quite a mix of bits and bobs there. And I have the two big Warlords themselves Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub. (I really need to find some of the Bad Moon Mega-Nobz.

I have quite a selection of Gretchin/Runt assistants to play around with, but I'd like to get more of the autogun/pistol armed figures sometime.

A nice sized mob of Blood-Axe Kommandoz there with a Blood-Axe Warboss nearby.

Oh yeah! A tub full of Snotlings, you'll see in the picture below why I like this.

Various Oddboyz and you can see the spinny-gubbinz from 3 Shokk Attakk Gunz at the top of the picture, i have 3 complete Shokk Attakk Gun Mekboys :)
If I do get around to playing with this army, these should be really fun to run.

So, that's Day 01... Day 02 should be posted tonight :)

Until then, take care.

What've I been up to recently..?

Hey everybody,
I know it's been quiet here of late but things have been kind of hectic.
With much gaming, organising of my hobby materials/space and even some social problems in my circle of friends that had to be overcome.

But enough rambling, I thought I'd make this to post my hobby round up for the last few weeks.

My Daughters Waaagh:

My daughter Dagan decided she wasn't enjoying the Orcs & Goblins we put together, but she would still like to take part in the hobby and gaming that goes on around her.

So we're trying to figure out what army she may enjoy playing and I'll help her to start that up instead.
The army I had already built can just be subsumed back into my own Orcs & Goblins, so it's no a loss at all and it freed me to get on with some other things.

I think she would do better with something that has a slightly lower model count and on the tabletop doesn't have quite as many additional special rules to remember.

My thoughts were possibly Ogre Kingdoms, a friend suggested Warriors of Chaos. If anyone out there has another recommendation feel free to comment below.

My Nurgle Progress:

I know I was going to upload a picture a little while back, but I haven't really done much work on them yet with how busy I've been, but here's what I have so far:

I wanted to start off with something a little pale and pallid, then do a lot of the actual colour work with many washes, greens, browns and purples most likely. The base skin is a flesh/rotting flesh mix. I went a little paler on the Beast of Nurgle.

I'm not sure I'm happy with the it at this moment in time, so I stepped away to work on other things while I thought about it. Trouble is, the more I think about it, the more ideas I get for things to add...

Getting Organised:

Storage room:
I've been spending much of my time trying to get our hobby and gaming supplies in some sort of order. That way when I want to get to work I'll have to spend far less time looking for the things I need.

I still need to get some more shelving and storage boxes to finish off the storage area when I've finished organising all my parts.

But we've now got most of our hobby supplies, art, wargaming and roleplay books together and easily accessible.

I'm in the process organising all my bit's boxes and open model parts in to tubs and boxes to put on the shelves. I'm having to use a fair chunk of the space in the sitting room but it's coming along quite quickly as I take breaks between doing this and a bit of hobby goodness to break up the monotony.

The basement:
I managed to get that storage room for our main hobby supplies because I moved all our scenery making supplies down into the basement.

On a related note, my other half has now banned me from bringing home found objects that I think look "cool" or "may be useful" for hobby/scenery supplies.

Hell, if you live near the Shipley area and need some scenery supplies, I could probably hook you up. I've probably gt enough polystyrene shapes/blocks that I could build myself a little hut (which the missus has said I may have to do if I don't clear some crap out... I'm confused... I don't see any crap... Just pure hobby gold ;p).

I've been doing quite a bit of gaming and our group is about to organise our next roleplay campaign in the next couple of weeks.

I've also been sorting out something else that I'm going to post about shortly.

Well, that's my lot for the minute.
take care everyone,