Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Daughter's Waaagh

I apologise up front. I was going to be posting up more on my Nurgle Daemon force I'm working on.

But as it happens I'm fulfilling a belated promise. Just before the Winter holidays my daughter asked if she would be able to start a Warhammer Fantasy army, Orcs and Goblins to be precise.

I said I would build her an army as a present, but to my shame I hadn't got around to it until now. So I rummaged around my collection to see what I could put together for her from the massive amount of spare miniatures that just seem to be gathering dust.

Here's what I put together, nothing fancy, but a nice looking little army:

All told this army will be near 1500pts after magic banners are bought for the Big unz and BSB.

Black Orc warboss, shield, Armour of Gork.

Black Orc big boss, shield, battle standard bearer.

28 Orc Big unz, 2 hand weapons, full command.

30 Night Goblins, spears and shields, full command, nets, 3 Fanatics.

30 Night Goblins, spears and shields, full command, nets, 3 Fanatics.


Yeah I had a spare giant kicking about the place. I already had 2 for my own Orc & Goblin army (which both still need doing.... But, ahem... That's a whole over story) So when I bought the Creatures of the Chaos wastes boxed set (I just couldn't pass up that many monsters...) I ended up with a third giant that I didn't need, but now it's found a home.

I'm going to be taking a break from my own projects for a little while and spending some quality time with my daughter getting this little lot ready for battle.