Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Club Necromunda Terrain

Hello again folks, wow it's been so long... An hour or two must have past since my last post... How the time flies...

Well I got the Necromunda terrain done for the local club, forgot to take any pictures of it at home. But I did get to snap a few quick images of it down at the club reunited with the rest of the terrain I made.

I didn't have a gang prepared but with some extra miniatures at the club we managed to have a 3 way gang fight, it wasn't a campaign game. Just to blow the dust off. Had a great time:

Here's one of the Van Saar I painted for Steve a while back (linky, linky), getting himself comfy on his new home turf.

That MDF terrain really likes to suck up paints and washes, it took a while to get decent coverage.

I went for an overall aged, rusty look for the terrain. Mainly so it matched some of the scatter terrain I'd made previously for the club.

I think the orange of the rust makes it stand out nicely against the neutral grey of the gaming board.

All in all I think it's a really nice set of terrain, it paints up pretty easily and has a lot of detail. I'm really considering getting a set for myself.

(Apologies for not taking any in-game pictures. I was having too much fun and forgot. I think Steve the club owner took a few. If I can get ahold of some more I'll edit this post and add them below.)

That's your lot for the night methinks...

Take care everybody,

Friday, 26 September 2014

The Week of Hobby Exhaustion... And a Dwarf...

Hi folks I'm back for a quick visit... Actually I'm back because a friend reprimanded me for having images to share and not posting anything for a while... And since he's made a nuisance of himself, let's give him a bit of a spotlight shall we? BWAHAHAHAHA.

My friend Carl has decided to give this whole blogging lark a go, because he's got some weird notion in his head that kind of thing is fun... Or some such rubbish...

So why not go over to his place at Roleplay Dwarf and say hello... Or kick over his stuff... You know the usual thing. As I said he's a friend of mine, he's going to be blogging about RPG's, Warhammer, stuff. He's one of the most annoyingly interesting people I've ever had the misfortune to meet.

Right... Now we've got that out of the way...

The Week That Was...

Last week... Not the one we've just gone through... Last week, got it?
I had so much on and did an awful lot of hobby related activities that I was too tired to blog about it.
Let me give you a run-down:

It all started on Wednesday..... (*whisper* Actually it started before that because I was still working on Necromunda terrain since the previous week, but Wednesday was definitely the point of no return...)

  • Wednesday evening went well, my mid-week roleplaying group met up for our weekly World of Darkness game. It ended around midnight or so and my friend Jess stayed over we chatted for a while, I was in bed for about 4.30am.
  • Thursday up and at 'em for 8am to do the school run. Jess went off to work and headed home. My other half went to spend a couple of days at our friends house and in return Carl was sent back this way. The girls get do... Whatever they do... And we got to spend a couple of days doing manly things (playing board games, playing with miniatures, discussing roleplay) you know the drill. 3.30pm pick up kids. We were going to go down to the local gaming club but it got cancelled just before we were going to go. After talking about Necromunda most of the afternoon we decided to have a game at home because Carl had never played. Skip forward, couple of games of Necromunda under the belt it's about 2.30am. We talk more gaming crap I get to bed between 4.30am and 5am.
  • Friday up at 8am kids school run. Back home and we're still chin-wagging about gaming and miniatures. Waiting for our friend James travelling up from Derbyshire to spend a couple of days. we'd decided we were going to play a game of Warhammer 4ok 7th, for the benefit of James and I learning the latest ruleset. Carl said he could get to about 6000+pts depedning on what James and I could bring to the game. 3.30pm pick up kids. James got here about 8pm and  joined forces against Carl's Imperials with our Ork hordes and using unpainted minis (Gods I feel dirty) managed to amass about 6500+pts. So not only were James and I a bit sketchy on the current rules, it was also our first Apocalypse game too. (pictures at the end of rant). That frickin' monstrous game didn't end until 11.30am SATURDAY FRICKIN' MORNING!!!
  • Saturday it's 11.50am we've just packed up all the boards, terrain and miniatures, our weekend roleplaying group and the significant others are due back any minute so we can play our Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Carl, James and I collapse on available patches of floor and catch an hours sleep. Dungeons & Dragons starts that afternoon (not sure what time, I was a bit dazed) pretty cool session that goes on until about 11.30pm. James is dead to the world at this point. Jess, Carl and I carry on talking until about 2.30am-3am. Finally sleep... Sweet blessed sleep...
So... That was the week... It took me about 3 frickin' days to recover from that! Man I feel old...

The Apocalypse Game:

Here is a pic dump of the images we caught of the game. Can't remember the mission, but we played on an 8'x4' board and due to set-up were playing the length instead of the width of the board. Have you ever seen 6500pts of Orks squashed into about 4'x2' deployment!?! (please excuse the unpainted miniatures and in some cases broken/unbuilt).

Absolute Madness... But man what a laugh...

So there you go... Exhausted was not the word... But a great week all said and done...
I've got some more images to upload and another post to write after this so I'll bid thee farewell for now.

Take Care everybody,

Monday, 25 August 2014

Completed terrain commission pieces so far... Almost there!!!

Hey folks it's been a while, hope you've all been doing well.
Don't mind me I'm just posting a large pic-dump. A large portion of the terrain is done and is being picked up tomorrow. So I'll have more storage space to get on with the last few pieces.

So, the boards, the woods and generic scatter terrain are done. I decide to go with some clumps of boulders and several rock spires to break up the space on the board/line of sight etc:

The handful of 40k scatter terrain and walls/barricades are done too:

I went for many smaller clumps of terrain overall so that it would be useful for both skirmish gaming and larger wargaming, the woods having optional empty bases for ease of marking area etc.

I'm still working on the couple of larger 40k pieces at this moment they're kind of undercoated but need some finer details adding to add a bit of life before I properly set myself to painting them:

The fantasy walls are built and primed: 

That just leaves me with some fantasy specific scatter terrain to do and a couple of larger fantasy pieces and the project is done.

It's probably going to be quiet around here again for a while as I concentrate on finishing the last portion of terrain.

I really can't wait to get back to my own hobby projects after this.
Speak to you all when I get a chance.

Take care everybody,

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Birthday Princess

Hi everybody, sorry there hasn't been an update in sometime, it's been a little busy around the old homestead. I had my birthday, then I got ill, various other boring things... *sigh*
I'm still working on terrain for  the local store/club, will post up pictures soon.

But today is my youngest daughter's 7th birthday today, I made this photo-collage/digital art piece of her in the guise of how I imagine a Princess of the 41st millenium:

(She liked it and said I could share it online)

Happy birthday Rhiannon, my little Princess.

See you soon everybody, take care.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Taking a break to get organised

Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

I'm taking a breather from the terrain making today to get some much needed organising of my hobby supplies and work-space done. When I'm working on a lot of things at once (like the terrain project) my hobby room starts to look like a disaster area:

The stack paste tables with terrain pieces drying/stored.

My hobby area/PC desk swamped by detritus all around from the project.

Boxes of "stuff" to sort out and store. behind these boxes are my cupboards where all my unopened miniatures live, so I need to get it shifted.

I was going to sit and paint to relax but one look at my table said there was no way that was happening right now.

I've still got box after box of parts to get organised too... *sigh*.

Well it gives me a chance to sort out all my bits and bobs and recent purchases etc. Including a little something I got a short while ago

JB also known as Asslessman contacted me on Facebook asking if I had some parts to spare for a project. I sent him some of the bits he was looking for and added some more that I thought may be useful for his project too. He asked what I wanted in return, I gave him a list of projects I have on the go and he sent me some parts I may find useful:

Some awesome little bits there. Greater Daemon/Nurgle Beast/Daemon prince heads, banners. High Elf chariot parts, various weapons, pauldrons and decorative bits for Dark Angels and some chaos warrior parts. A couple of Nurglings Gnoblars and a sad looking imprisoned Goblin. Thanks JB ;)

Random bits and bobs are awesome to have around for conversions etc. We joked about us playing spot the bits when we get our projects underway. And I thought why not make a game of it. I'm keeping the parts JB sent in their own little bits box, whenever I use a part from it in future conversions I'm going to put the tag "AsslessBits" on it for a laugh.

I'm going to be knee deep in miniature parts for the rest of the evening. I really need to find a way to keep them organised that's also easy to search through. If you've got any suggestions I'm all ears.

Take care folks, see you sometime soon.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Homestretch on the forests

Hi everyone, I was going to be trying to post up completed images of the forests. But due to drying times etc the job ran on a little longer than I anticipated.

Although I am happy to call them about 95% done. Here's where we're at this evening.

Flocking the forests:

If you've been keeping up with the project  you'll remember I said the club terrain is going to be in a more alpine/mountainous theme. My own forests I haven't really decided upon. I'm leaning more toward a dead/autumnal forest theme, I'll get back to those a little later.

The brown material in the picture above is wood shavings, run through a food processor and dyed with paint/ink. I'm using it to simulate leaf litter and mulch under the trees etc

I've used the same mossy/turf as I did on the rocky areas on the realm of battle boards, I'm just waiting for the glue to set right now so I can knock off the excess. With it being mainly rocky themed terrain I thought it would look nice to have the forests provide a lot more greenery to the table.

The grey areas you can see exposed on the forest bases are what really needs finishing. I'll be muckying them up with paint/washes and when I've finally decided upon the colour for the water features, will be filled to match the boards.

Well that's it... Just another quickie from me.

I hope everyone is doing fine, you take care of yourselves.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Forest bases almost painted

Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. Here's another update on the terrain project.

I've been a bit to-and-fro when it comes to these terrain pieces. I made a little complaint in the last post about the texture. Specifically that I wasn't going to texture the whole bases and just do patches of texture here and there.

Well... I decided to go with whole texture to make the pieces even more hard-wearing. I also followed the advice of my other half and some friends and decided to use both textures I had experimented with on all the pieces to have more variety upon them.

I was a bit hampered the last couple of days waiting for the rain to abate so I could get on with the spray painting to match the pieces to the boards.

Now with added colour:

I'm at the table now finishing off all the drybrushing. I'll be adding the trees and flocking the pieces tomorrow day-time. So the forests may be finished for tomorrow evening if nothing crops up to disturb my plans. I'll post up the pictures of the complete forests as and when they are complete.

Until next time, take care


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Experimenting with texture...

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a little longer than I wanted between updates. We've been very busy on the home front.

Just another quick update on the terrain now I've had chance to get to it again. The good news is that the longest part of cutting all those tiles is over. and I have the feeling back in my thumb and forefinger at last.

But I digress...

Test Pieces:

 The cork itself provides some texture but I wanted to add a bit more. I had a bit of a browse around the web and found some ideas.

I want to keep the weight down and also keep the terrain hard-wearing, I didn't want to go for the old spread p.v.a. and cover in sand because that would harden up somewhat and I was afraid of warping the cork too much, so it had to remain flexible too.

The one on the left has a sand/fine gravel/p.v.a. paste spread thinly over it, so it should give it a textured look, be quite hardy and flexible.

The one on the right is actually a flour paste, I saw this on a craft site and was intrigued enough to give it a go. This one is the most experimental of the two really, already looking at them as they dry I think I'm more likely to go with the first option because it ticks so many of the boxes that I'm after.

But you never know until you try something new right?

So once these are dry I'll be giving them a quick coat of paint/varnish to see the final result. When I know which I'm definitely using I'll be batch painting all the rest of the terrain bases.

Until next time, take care.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Groundwork on the woods for the club gaming terrain

Hi everyone, I'm posting a little update on the woods I'm working on. At the moment I'm on the slowest part of them, creating the bases.

It's slow mainly due to all the cutting involved, I've ended up rubbing my thumb and index finger raw, in fact my thumb is a strange mix of soreness and numbness, seriously, I haven't been able to feel the tip of my thumb for 2 days now. 

But that's by the by. Once this portion of the work is done, the painting, flocking etc will go very quickly. Here's where I'm at right now:

The Bases:

The materials I'm using to construct the forest bases are cork tiles and self adhesive vinyl tiles.
The vinyl is flexible and tough, but has a tendency to shatter if hit hard or bent too far. The cork is easy to work with, easy to cut, model features and flexible, but can tear easily if handled roughly.

But when stuck together you get the best parts of both, tough, flexible, hard wearing, easy to model features. And the drawbacks of them alone is almost cancelled out when stuck together.

I just quickly drew out some random shapes for the larger forest bases and smaller tree clump bases.

I roughly cut them out with a large pair of scissors (which really hurt after a while).

You can see some of the detail/features I am carving into the bases. possibly going to make small pools of water here and there.

I used a sharp stanley knife to carve a bevel all the way around the bases to make them look neat.
You can see in the above picture the smaller tree clump bases test fit on top of the main forest base.

Once I've got the details I wish to carve into the bases I'll be on to texturing and painting. I'll also be using weed-matting to give the bottom of the terrain a more professional and hard-wearing finish.

I'll see you all again soon with the next update. Until then, take care everybody.